Flat Web Design And Flat UI Inspiration

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Flat web design is the most talked about and biggest trend in web design right now. It’s all about Flat Web Design and Flat UI. As the name indicates. Flat web design is a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes usability, clean layouts, sharp topography and bright colors. It leaves behind extra elements such as drop shadow, textures, bevels and gradients to simplify interface and avoid 3D look in interface. I was a huge fan of flat web design. Designs with combination of bright colors, special fonts and great images to highlight the beauty of simple gestures to place a higher focus on the content. Even when it was not called flat design. In addition to minimalistic and its simplicity, flat ui is great for mobile and responsive design.

Microsoft was the first to apply flat web design and flat ui to its entire interface. After that Apple started to apply this to its iOS 7 interface on iPhone and iPad devices. Along with Microsoft and Apple, Google also adopted the flat design to its interface such as Chrome browser, Google plus, Gmail etc. Actually Google replaced everything with flat design in their entire products.

There are a few great resources you should check out if you want to get started with Flat UI design. One of the best and impressive collection of free user flat ui kit released by designmodo. The kit contains PSD files with a lot of element which you can use on your design.

You can find great examples of Flat UI Inspiration on Pinterest and Dribbble by searching “flat design” .
Flat Design on Pinterest
Flat Design on Dribbble

Below listed collection of beautiful examples of flat web design and Flat UI inspiration. These websites use flat design and showcase the usage of right color combination, spacing, typography and shapes.

Flat Web Design And Flat UI Inspiration


flat freebies (ui kits):

flat design tutorials


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