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jQuery Accordion | Accordion Slider

Zozo Accordion is not just another jQuery Accordion. It’s responsive and touch-friendly with a lot of customization options that can be integrated into your site/blog quickly without writing any code. Some of its key features includes: such as CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback, horizontal & vertical accordion, Load content with AJAXstyled scrollbar for Webkit, 10 unique themes, semantic HTML5 and SEO friendly and much more. Note: This is not a WordPress plugin but it can be easily integrated.

jQuery Accordion Features

  • Fully documented and step-by-step guide provided to help you get up and running with Zozo Accordion. View at www.zozoui.com
  • Responsive layout and touch-friendly for mobile devices – compatible with Tablet, Desktop and Mobile. The layout of the components are scaled according to resolution of the device
  • 10 Examples/Templates included so that you can see how to implement these in your own website or project
  • CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback – superfast on mobile & table
  • 10 built-in themes that are ready to go (white, crystal, silver, gray, black, orange, red, green, blue, deepblue), view themes demo
  • Mobile touch events are used for mobile and tablet devices for faster and smoother performance. They are no 300ms delay like some other sliders/accordions having on mobile.
  • Multiple accordion allowed on one page (Multiple Instances), view multiple instance demo
  • Nested accordion, can have different themes and options without any conflict, view nested demo
  • Horizontal and vertical accordion, view horizontal demo
  • Semantic HTML5 and SEO friendly – All content is still viewable without JavaScript enabled.
  • Fully customizable
  • Custom styled scrollbar for Webkit browsers
  • Load content with AJAX by passing an array of urls through initialization or add url directly to header of each accordion section using HTML5 Data Attributes
  • Slider accordion – Add images inside accordion and it will display it like a slider, view slider demo
  • Single and multiple expandMode (vertical accordion)
  • Advanced animation options using jQuery Easing Plugin (optional), otherwise “linear” or “swing”. CSS3 transitions are used on mobile and tablet devices for faster and smoother experience.
  • Codeless creation & customization with HTML5 data attributes
  • Compatible with all major browsers (including IE7, IE8 (horizontal accordion partially supported), IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox 3.5+, Safari and Opera)
  • Free support and updates
  • Built-in WAI-ARIA Support – all the necessary rols/attributes are added automatically, as screen readers can use this extra information to improve a disabled user’s experience with your applications. W3C Design Patterns
  • CSS3 and HTML5 design
  • Keyboard navigation – Optionally enable the cursor keys to browse an accordion.
  • Extended HTML documentation and advanced API, docs.zozoui.com/accordion
Last Update 12 November 13 (v.4.0)

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  • یاشار

    Hey there
    Awesome plugin. btw is there any options to buy it from Iran?
    I need multilevel accordions and found that beside many other premium features in your plugin.